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Welcome to the Bergstrom’s Warranty Assistance Portal
This site will help you register your Bergstrom product(s), provide you our preauthorization product line contact number and assist you in creating a warranty claim should you have a problem with your purchase.  Registering your product will help make the warranty process quicker and to make sure you are getting the correct coverage you are entitled to for your product.  Failing to register prior to a problem or contacting us for preauthorization will extend the warranty process, and in some cases, might void the warranty all together.

The following products require the completion of the online registration to activate your warranty. Click the link below for your product and fill out the registration form.
Bus A/C System eProducts System
Please note that the following product lines require preauthorization for repairs.
Bus A/C Preauthorization ( Estimates > $200 )
eProducts Preauthorization ( All Repairs )

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